What are the top 10 food and nutrition apps for healthy eating and dietary tracking?

1. MyFitnessPal – A comprehensive diet and exercise tracker with a massive food database.
2. Fooducate – A nutrition and health tracker that uses barcode scanning to identify healthy food options and suggest alternatives.
3. Nutrients – A simple app to track your daily nutrient intake and check the nutritional content of different foods.
4. Fitbit – a wearable device that tracks your activity levels and logs your meals.
5. MyPlate by Livestrong – A calorie and macro tracker with a focus on whole, plant-based food choices.
6. Cronometer – A nutrient tracker that focuses on micronutrients and healthy food choices.
7. Lose It! – A comprehensive diet tracker that also has workout logging and social features.
8. Yazio – A diet tracker that creates custom meal plans and includes a calorie calculator.
9. Noom – Personalized coaching and meal planning in one app.
10. Lifesum – A health tracker that includes a calorie tracker, meal planner and macro tracking features.