What are the top 10 food and wine pairings for different cuisines?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences, but I can provide you with the top 10 food and wine pairings for different cuisines taking into consideration general food and wine pairing principles:

1. Italian cuisine: Chianti wine with pasta dishes; Amarone wine with hearty meat dishes
2. French cuisine: Champagne with oysters; Bordeaux wine with steak; Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese
3. Spanish cuisine: Tempranillo with tapas; Albariño with seafood dishes
4. Indian cuisine: Sémillon wine with spicy curries; Riesling wine with biryanis
5. Chinese cuisine: Riesling with sweet and sour dishes; Pinot Noir with Peking duck
6. Mexican cuisine: Cabernet Sauvignon with beef fajitas; Tequila with ceviche
7. Thai cuisine: Gewürztraminer with spicy dishes; Pinot Gris with seafood dishes
8. Greek cuisine: Assyrtiko with Greek salads; Retsina with grilled fish
9. Japanese cuisine: Sauvignon Blanc with sushi; Sake with tempura
10. Middle Eastern cuisine: Grenache with lamb dishes; Malbec with hummus and falafel.