Which 10 food influencers or bloggers are making an impact in the culinary world?

1. Molly Yeh – known for her fusion of Jewish and Chinese cuisine, and her blog “My Name is Yeh”
2. Joshua Weissman – a YouTube chef with a focus on home cooking and the creator of “But Better” series
3. Joanna Gaines – known for her home cooking and rustic recipes, and her popular blog “Magnolia”
4. Yotam Ottolenghi – renowned Israeli-English chef and author of several bestselling cookbooks
5. Chrissy Teigen – model-turned-cookbook author and popular Twitter personality
6. Samin Nosrat – renowned cookbook author and host of the Netflix show “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”
7. Deb Perelman – creator of the food blog “Smitten Kitchen” and author of several cookbooks
8. David Lebovitz – Paris-based pastry chef and author of several cookbooks, including “My Paris Kitchen”
9. Ree Drummond – known as “The Pioneer Woman”, she has a popular cooking show and several cookbooks
10. Alton Brown – celebrity chef and TV personality known for his scientific approach to cooking and his show “Good Eats”.