Which 10 food startups are disrupting the traditional food market with innovative products and concepts?

1. Beyond Meat: This plant-based meat substitute company has disrupted the meat industry with its meat-like texture and taste.

2. Impossible Foods: This company has created a plant-based meat substitute that tastes and smells like real meat.

3. Soylent: Soylent offers a line of meal replacement shakes and snacks that are designed to be nutritionally balanced and convenient.

4. Huel: Huel offers a range of nutritionally complete meal replacements that are designed to meet all of a person’s daily nutritional needs.

5. HelloFresh: This meal kit delivery company offers pre-measured ingredients and recipes for easy home cooking.

6. Blue Apron: Another meal kit delivery company, Blue Apron offers customized recipes and ingredients for meals delivered directly to the customer’s door.

7. Imperfect Foods: This company offers discounted “ugly” produce that is still perfectly good to eat, reducing food waste.

8. Farmshelf: A company that creates indoor vertical gardens, allowing restaurants and homes to grow their own fresh herbs and vegetables.

9. Allbirds: Allbirds is a sustainable shoe company that uses natural materials such as wool and eucalyptus to create environmentally friendly shoes.

10. Oatly: This company offers a range of milk alternatives made from oats, reducing the demand for cow’s milk.